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All of the services offered through Michael are done so from a Holistic approach. Once we take the time to review, we see that all is connected within our lives, in all our relationships. Be them business partners, co-workers, clients, parent, child, lover, friends, it is then for us to know where we are in our understanding of self and how we are engaging with our self and others. Once we create this clarity, we are able to be of service to others and the planet with love, integrity, earnest and the intention for the best for our self and others.


Offerings are categorized as: Professional, Business, Spiritual, Personal, Home



House Blessings -

House Clearing -



1-on-1 Business Coaching (online & in person) -

Marketing Services – (web site design and redesign, graphic creation, lead generation, promotions, public relations, customer acquisition, branding, monthly support)

Business Development – (joint ventures, produce development, re-engineering of infrastructure0

Group Coaching (online & in person) -



Chakra Balance -

Sound Healing -

Inner Child Resolutions -

Shift Relationship to Patterns & Habits -

Self Love -



Create Your Vision & Purpose -

Realize You Purpose -

Discover Your Voice -

Action Plans for Self Sustainability -



Develop a Shamanic Practice -

Develop a Yoga Practice -

Develop a Tantra Practice -

Develop a Meditation Practice -


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Mailing Address: Deep Breath Ahhh, 801 Rainbow Blvd, A68 Las Vegas NV 89107 USA

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