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At Deep Breath  Ahhh, you will find a haven and a sanctuary for healing Mind, Body and Spirit.  Utilizing many pathways, including ancient and indigenous teachings, vibrational and energy healing, meditation, and much more, we guide you through the many methods of healing, transformation, and manifestation, which can help you learn to reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome the effects of past stress and trauma that may be holding you back from the full expression of the heart-centered being that is your true essence.


  • Learn to live the life of your desires by freeing yourself from old beliefs and opening to the limitless possibilities that are your life.


  • Join us any day of the week for various forms of meditation, yoga, sound healing, or working with our Spirit Guides and Angels, classes, workshops and private sessions. For more information, or to receive a complete schedule of our weekly offerings, email us at


  • We practice living a conscious life, with our thoughts, words and actions, towards ourselves, others and all forms of life.


We know that our lives consist of limitless possibilities.  Our expression of these possibilities is hampered only by our own limiting beliefs.  Let us help you release those beliefs and live the full and abundant life of your desires.

By realizing your deep connection to the Earth, as well as tapping into the mysteries of the Cosmos; accessing your inner wisdom by learning to connect with your Spirit Guides; utilizing the many resources we have available for assisting you in your home spiritual practice, including crystals, essential oils, recorded meditations, and more; you can open your consciousness to a full realization of the magnificence of your own life, experiencing all of the happiness, joy, peace and harmony that are your birthright.

Come for any or all of the experiences that speak to your own personal needs and desires, whether through private sessions, group sessions, classes or workshops.  Our healing modalities can help you expand and radiate your magnificence in your personal life, your business life, your relationships, and your health.